Reflection & Growth

This is happening. I'm reflecting. Reflecting on letting go and the growth that followed in 2016. I know, I'm really breaking the mold here =) 2016 was a year of huge changes for us. And for me that change included a lot of letting go. We said goodbye to the only home our kids had … Continue reading Reflection & Growth



How often in your life have you wished you could go back and change a moment, wished you could start again, wished for a do-over? Or thought if only I had...I think we all have at some point. Not too long ago I learned something pretty powerful, that while I can't have do-overs, I can … Continue reading Endings


Every time I see this chainsaw it makes me smile, and I know what you're thinking, only a psychopath would smile at the sight of a chainsaw. But, I can assure you, I'm no psychopath, although I've had my moments, lol. Anyhow, back to the chainsaw, 6 months ago I couldn't start it. I had … Continue reading Bumps