Motivational Monday: My Crazy Morning

It’s Monday! Yay?!?!

Somehow my alarm didn’t go off and I woke up 15 minutes before I had to be out the door, with two kids. It’s like herding cats on a normal day with an hour to get ready. I wasn’t sure if I could do 15 minutes with a miracle team in tow and a line of crack. I’m kidding. But seriously, these kids.


I managed to only have to say “get dressed!” 15 times and “shoes on, grab you lunch and backpack!” another 20, then as I’m midway through braiding my hair and barking orders I hear the distinct sound of someone peeing on the carpet, I round the corner to see our boxer shamelessly squatting and peeing and she’s deaf so even my “are you kidding me?” falls on deaf ears…literally. I grab her to guide her outside and she continues to pee and walk the entire length of the house…seriously? SIGH!

I tell the kids in my BATMAN voice to get in the car and get themselves buckled, in a timely manner, or so help me…

I get all the dogs out, watch them potty between chasing birds and wipe their paws in record time. I was supposed to leave 5 minutes ago. I give treats, kennel the puppy, wipe up the pee trail that resembles a winding river (a stinky yellow river), grab my lunch and head out the door, I was supposed to be to work 7 minutes ago.

I drop kids at school give kisses and make the 1/15th of a mile drive to the fire station. I walk into the door 10 minutes late and breathe a sigh of relief, I did it! I did not however brush my teeth and I’m missing my uniform belt =)

So, here’s where the motivation comes in, I could let that start to my day dictate the rest of my day, set the mood if you will and stay stuck there in a funk like Eeyore or I could move forward and change it. So, I brewed a cup of tea, laughed at the morning I had, and vowed my day would be better and so far, it has been.

In moments like the above I always remember this saying;


Control the way you react people, control where you invest your energy and control your outcome!




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