Hello 36!

Guess who woke up and was 36 today? This girl! I always ask my kids on their birthdays, do you feel any different? Bigger? Older?

Well, I do!

Different that is, not older or bigger, lol 🙂 It’s been an amazing year, it’s had its fair share of challenges, of changes, of loss and of great sadness, but those aren’t for this post.

This morning as I reflect back I’m overwhelmed by the good things that have happened.

We bought our dream home on a little slice of heaven, where we have room to run and grow and breathe.

I went back to school, became an EMT, got my engineers cert and a full time position as a firefighter/engineer in a small town that I’ve grown to love. Pinch me,  I’m seriously working my dream job!

We’ve stepped up and made our marriage a priority and the payoff is huge, plus I’m dating my hunky husband, again #winning.

I’ve embraced health and fitness and feel stronger, healthier, happier and younger then ever, and with that an amazing thing happened, I became part of this positive coaching community, inspiring and encouraging others while working on me.

My sister and I started a blog where I can write, whenever the mood strikes me, it’s been a great creative outlet and so good for my soul.

Our oldest is loving school and that’s no small hurdle with autism.

Our home and life are filled with noise and laughter, craziness and fits, love and hugs, and each day we wake up to a bed full of dogs and kids, and all sorts of beautiful chaos.

I’ve been working on me, I’ve found my happiness and my light and I’m dreaming big! Which means we can dream big!

So, yeah, I do feel different, in the best way possible. Hello 36, it’s nice to meet you!


All my Love,




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