M.M.: Your Life IS Your Message.

Where to even start with this one…

You know how sometimes you come across a piece of writing, or someone says something, or a friend does something unexpected and it turns out it was exactly what you needed at that time? That’s how I feel about this Tedx talk.

For anybody searching for clarity about the sage (you like what I did there?) old question of, what Am I doing with my life? Or perhaps, wondering what their true purpose is; this is a must watch.

Caroline McHugh asks: What do you expect from life? What does life expect from you?

The answer? BE YOURSELF.

My Uncle who passed away at the beginning of this year, was and still is proof that the greatest gift you can give the world is the gift of being who you are. His celebration of life was a testament to the joy and laughter and love he gave. He lived a full life, just by being who he was and he left a gift with all those who knew him that continues to shine.

This talk is truly worth the half hour of your time.

I recommend taking notes. 🙂


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