Sniffle Season

Ever wake up with a cold and hope if you hit the snooze button it’ll all be a dream? Yeah, me neither…ok, I totally tried that this week and while it was a valiant effort, it didn’t work. I woke up with the start of a cold and it quickly turned into the real deal (cue horror music).

It’s been over a year since I’ve been sick and I know it’s a cumulation of 3 late nights in a row because my super fun brother is visiting, 10 too many “fun” sized candy bars stolen from my kids buckets, and the fact that I missed my superfoods shake during those 3 days.

Thankfully I had a stash of ginger & turmeric tea on hand that I could grab and bring with me to work for the day. I will drown this beezy in ginger and turmeric! Be gone, cold, be gone!


So for those of you that may get hit with the sniffles this season I thought I’d share my favorite recipe with you.

I make my tea a little different in that instead of putting it all in the blender I chop up my ginger and turmeric and place it in a tea sac and boil it. I also make a bigger batch so I can have some on hand. And I boil everything in a pot of water and add my milk and honey at the end. So basically I’ve adapted my own recipe, I don’t measure anything I just do it all to taste, so feel free to be a rebel (like me) with the recipe and experiment with how you’d like it or if you’re a strict recipe follower then the link is for you =)


Oh and because I like you all so much a little warning that I wish I had known…turmeric will stain your hands a VERY bright yellow, so wear gloves or risk looking like a cast member from The Simpons or Big Bird’s long lost cousin =)


If you haven’t discovered the benefits of ginger and turmeric you are missing out! There are a ton from balancing blood sugars, to reducing inflammation, helping with detox, cardiovascular function, and so much more.


Hope you all are having a beautiful Sunday!

Quick amendment to the above recipe. Do not, I repeat, do not add the cinnamon and pepper into your batch, add it as a topper when ready to serve or it creates a very funky texture =)


Hugs and Love from a Bubble,



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