How often in your life have you wished you could go back and change a moment, wished you could start again, wished for a do-over? Or thought if only I had…I think we all have at some point.

Not too long ago I learned something pretty powerful, that while I can’t have do-overs, I can create a new ending; every day, every moment is a chance for me to begin anew, not just for me, for us all.

You don’t like the job you’re in, leave it. Don’t like the partner you are, work towards being better. Don’t like the person you see in the mirror everyday, then change them. Life not feeding your soul, explore what would. You have the power, we all do, this unique gift to make choices and to change the direction of our life, to be whatever or whoever we want to be.

Will it be easy, probably not. Will it be scary as hell, most likely. But once you decide, and you commit, and you start to work towards your goals and your dreams, you’ll see just how capable you are. And that capability will fuel you to move forward, to dream bigger, to live bolder, and to not just fall into your potential or the limiting belief of what you thought your potential was, but instead to climb and fall, cry and claw your way to the top, because even with as painful as struggle can be it means your living.

I hope this video inspires you to hope and to dream and to explore all the beauty that this life has to offer you.

With Love,



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