It’s Halloween! Go Scare Yourself

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller 

Greetings Friends and Happy Halloween!

As a child I loved and loathed Halloween.

I loved dressing up, the harvest festival at school and running around the neighborhood with my friends getting candy. On the other hand, I was terrified of scary movies and things meant to make you jump. Haunted houses left me in tears and while trick-o-treating I often passed on houses where creepy music, or screams, emanated from light-up skulls.

These houses left me standing on the sidewalk looking up anxiously at the door that seemed so far away it may as well been on another planet. I would watch my friends run up while my feet stayed, stuck in the safety of the place where the cement met the yard.

Now, I’m proud to say I didn’t skip all the houses that attempted to strike terror into the hearts of the small armies of costume clad kids. Some houses I went up knowing the scarecrow holding the candy bowl in all likeliness wasn’t as un-moving and innocent as it appeared.

At other houses my friends and I went up naively excited about the prospect of more candy only to be running away howling in fright after someone (or something) jumped out from the shadows. Soon enough though the screams would turn to laughter and we’d return for our rightfully owed reward or head over to the next house abuzz again with the promise of more goodies.

At the end of the night we’d return to our friend’s house, dump out our loot and awe over the wealth of sugar that lay spread out in front of us. Soon the bartering, sorting and counting would start but we always had that moment. That moment where we all seemed to hold our breath and take in the abundance and luck and spoils the evening had brought before us. It was magic in its own right and we had collected it.

In many ways, life has been a similar experience. At times I’ve braved the plastic ghosts and fog machines to venture up the front lawn and ring the doorbell. Other times I’ve stayed kicking pebbles, in wait, too afraid to risk what was lurking unseen.

I’m reminded now, of that handful of peculiar houses that at first, gazing up from the sidewalk seemed riddled with terrors but upon the front door opening would reveal a warm home filled with light and a smiling face excited to see you insisting you take two pieces of candy instead of one. After which you would shuffle back to the street and back into the vast night a little happier than before wondering slyly to yourself why you had been afraid in the first place.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Happy Haunting!

Ghoulishly Yours,








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