Motivational Monday: Showing Up As Yourself


Authenticy and honesty are not always traits we use when facing the world outside our doors. Yet, recently, I find myself becoming more interested in showing up authentically and what that means for my life and others.

In a world where a lot of pressure is put on how you look and what you have it can be easy to forget what you already have; a story that is all your own. A story worth sharing and worth honoring. A story more important than saving face or behaving how you think others expect you to. Sometimes the most difficult thing you can do is show up as you are: imperfect and beautifully human.

When I first saw this video I was familiar with Louise, a well-known British youtuber and her bubbly personality, but I had never watched anything from her channel.

I fell in love with her and her bravery and honesty while watching this video.

It’s never too late to start showing up as yourself.

Start today. Start small. Start big. Just start. I promise you’ll love yourself (and your day) a little more because of it.

Loving You Always,




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