Motivational Monday: Risk Curiosity & Follow Your Bliss

What do you love, truly, deeply love?

What inspires you?

What speaks to your soul, that is-ness that is you

I spent the past week asking myself these 3 questions.

I discovered that a lot of the things that still call to me (truly call to me) are the same things I was drawn to as a kid: Exploring, learning, different cultures and histories, the promise of vast expanding places and days spent outside. It called me as a child and took shape in my late teens/early 20’s while first discovering the world beyond my upbringing.

I loved traveling and experiencing new places. I loved languages and days spent wandering around museums. I loved books and learning and afternoons in green lush parks. I loved getting lost down cobblestone streets and making friends over broken English and miming.

How could I forget this?

How can any of us forget what calls us and leaves us giddy with excitement?

Yet, somehow we do. That’s why it’s crucial we make time to connect with ourselves and what brings us bliss. If you don’t make living your life a priority it can be easy to forget and get disconnected from your own joy.

I challenge you to take some time out this week and reconnect with yourself.

Go for a walk. Play some music. Clear your head. Write a list. And then do some research and seek out some renewed sources of inspiration. Have fun! Be willing to re-connect and risk curiosity at what really sets you alive.

I spent an afternoon this Sunday, in a bookstore, looking through travel magazines and french cookbooks. I ordered black tea and sat in the cafe listening to Baroque music and jotting down everything inspiring me in that moment. What I came up with was pretty awesome:

  • Suitcase Magazine : The Kumano Kodo Trail= Travel Dream 
  • Creating Sunday Itineraries for cities I love: Kyoto, London, Nice, Paris, etc.
  • Looking up recipes from the cookbook “Eat To Live
  • Re-reading my first modern humanities textbook
  • This article  (#8 is my favorite…Seriously, they serve champagne tea! Cue angelic singing.)
  • Everything about Tara Marino (and her Live You Fully Challenge)
  • learning
  • travelling
  • cooking
  • This cookbook  and the poached fruit recipe with vanilla & mint
  • Researching Taipei: New destination travel wishlist?
  • My Easy Day Travel Formula: tea time, museum, park, getting lost, talking to strangers, food.


See what lights YOU up and bask in your discovery. You might be surprised, then again, you might not.

What’s on your list?



“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”- e.e. Cummings


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