Motivational Monday

Hi all, Kelly here (gasp) Sara is enjoying some family time and asked me to post in her place. Here goes nothing…

I’m just going to be the crazy person here and say I LOVE MONDAYS! I love that they’re a fresh start to your week ahead, I love that you can wipe the slate clean, and I love that you get to decide how to set your tone for the week ahead. Remember when you were a kid and something didn’t go quite as planned and you yelled “DO OVER!!!”, that’s a Monday.

And you know what’s even crazier, I like getting up early on Mondays, to take in the silence, to have a fleeting moment of ME time before the chaos of the day begins, and to just sit and be thankful for all that I have.

This morning I was reminded of just how many beautiful moments could pass us by if we let them. Like this one…image

And as I scrolled Facebook this morning, cup of tea in hand, I was reminded just how precious life can be when I came across a family photo on my friend’s news feed. You see, she lost her daughter this year and they had never before done professional family photos, so they did family photos this week and they overlaid her sweet baby girl into the photo beside them, smiling. And initially my mommy heart ached for her and then it smiled at the significance, because she did it, she had seized a moment, and now they had a professional photo, with Aspen in it.

And then she commented on my sunrise photo and how she used to hate getting up early and now she looks forward to the beauty in EVERY morning and it struck me that if she can find the beauty in every day then the rest of us have no excuse.


So, I hope you’ll take the time today to see the beauty, to soak it in, and to be thankful for all that you have.

With Love,



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