It’s Saturday morning, I sit at the table drinking my cold tea and scrolling Pinterest for meal recipes for the week ahead, enjoying the silence. And then our 4 year old yells from the bathroom “MOM? DAD? CAN YOU WIPE MY BUTT?” I’m reminded just how glamorous parenting can be and a smile crosses my face, this is parenting, in all its glory.

It’s nothing like I’d imagined and so much more all at once.

It’s middle of the night wake ups, followed by cuddles.

It’s never getting a “side” of the bed because your “side” has become a postage sized stamp of real estate between two tiny bodies and 2 dogs.

It’s pushing you to the brink of exhaustion day in and day out and just when you think you might break it’s a small hand on your face reassuring you that you’re doing just fine.

It’s Batman voice after the 20th time you’ve asked them to get shoes on, and it’s reminding yourself to take a deep breath, you were little like this at one time too.

It’s a series of white lies because you are in fact eating a cookie, not broccoli and “mommy must have lost the invitation, you’re so sorry”, because he wasn’t actually invited to the party.

It’s your heart walking around outside of your body, unable to protect them every waking moment and wishing you could.

It’s deep belly laughs and the sweetest little “I love you” that has ever fallen on your ears.

It’s celebrating their victories, and sharing in their heart break.

Its appreciating your mom that much more, because you get it now, all the love and heartbreak and struggle and you, wondering if you’ll all survive.

It’s sneaking in to watch them sleep and breathing in their freshly shampoo’d heads.

It’s watching the same movie for 2 weeks straight and singing Silent Night on repeat until they fall asleep.

It’s rocking them softly when life isn’t fair and kissing their boo boos after they “may” have landed in dog poop.

It’s never getting a moment of silence and missing the chaos when you do.

It’s watching them navigate a tricky life moment and your heart feeling like it may burst when they stand up for each other, for what’s right.

It’s everything beautiful this world has ever seen and it’s all yours, in fleeting moments, in Eskimo kisses, in dirt covered faces, and love…pure love.

So, I’ll take the butt wiping because it means I’m a mommy, and I know, it won’t always be like this.

Exhausted and Full of Love,



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