Motivational Monday: Enjoy Today

On particularly stressful days It can be easy to forget about enjoying the simple moments of your day, remembering to appreciate your morning latte or the joy of coming home to wagging tails. Living with a grateful heart is a moment by moment practice because, in all honesty, life is precious and we don’t know what will happen later this afternoon, tomorrow or next week.

I believe a big part of happiness is accepting where you are and remaining open to all the good that is available to you in any given moment. Life is always changing and so much good is always available and flowing to you whether you recognize it or not. The key is to remain open.

One Youtube couple that I greatly admire for their positivity  and enthusiasm for life is Canadian couple Simon & Marina from Eat Your Kimchi/Eat Your Sushi. They share their amazing adventures from years of living abroad in South Korea and most currently Japan.

Here’s one of their weekly episodes to brighten your day and remind you that the day is worth enjoying (It’s a long-ish video but I’d recommend at least watching up to the 4:24 marker) :


Enjoy! 🙂

Blessings & Love,



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